"We have been a customer of SLISA for several years now. As a scheduler for a large educational institution, I depend on great interpreters to help our college achieve its educational goals. In the course of my job, it is a daily task to meet the ongoing demand for changes in schedules. SLISA and their pool of interpreters have never failed to impress me over the years with their quality interpreting services, as well as their flexibility in scheduling. Their friendly support staff is always top-notch, as well. I hope that our relationship continues for years to come."
Mike Warner, Student Personnel Assistant
DSPS/Deaf Services - American River College

"On behalf of all of us at PRIDE Industries, thank you for your outstanding service and support for our employees with disabilities. In today's busy world, you truly go above and beyond in many ways, providing valuable services for people with disabilities."
Michael Ziegler, President/Chief Executive Officer - PRIDE INDUSTRIES

"I've had great experiences using SLISA services for many years. The interpreters are GREAT!"
Nancy Renke, Senior Accounting Officer, Specialist
Office of Statewide Health Planning & Development

"I had the great fortune of working as a freelance interpreter for Roseanne deVlaming and her Sign Language Interpreting Service Agency for a better part of my interpreting career. She has always been a great mentor, role model and friend. I have always had the deepest respect for her and the absolute integrity with which she runs all aspects of her business. I went on to establish my own interpreting agency and attribute the success of my agency to her guidance, support, and exemplary business ethics. It is certain that any interpreting services provided by her agency will be of the absolute highest quality."
Shelly Browning MA, CI, CT
Founder ~ The Nature of Interpreting, LLC

"Sutter Medical Center Sacramento has had a long-standing and very successful relationship with SLISA. They are extremely professional and very courteous in every respect. They are very responsive to our many requests for sign language interpreting. When our deaf patients find out that we contract with SLISA they are very pleased as they know they will be in the best hands at our facility with Roseanne's dedicated and compassionate staff to assist them in communicating. To quote one of our patients..."all the warmest, most caring, skilled in-person interpreters have been from SLISA." Thank you for your dedication, your commitment and your passion for ASL interpreting!"
Barbara Berry,
Interpreter Services Coordinator
Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento

"It has always been a positive experience and pleasure to have SLISA provide interpreters for me out in the community. Everytime I request an interpreter - a highly skilled interpreter is my priority and SLISA provides highly skilled and ethical interpreters. SLISA provides excellence, professionalism, and respect to each deaf consumer.
I highly suggest, however, that all consumers and coordinators give SLISA more advanced notice in order to meet the request. All interpreters who work for Roseanne de Vlaming are very professional, respectful to clients, maintain confidentiality and have open demeanors. In addition I have 100% confidence in all of the interpreters from SLISA and truly appreciate the hard work and enthusiasm they have about their careers."
Gregory Benson, Community College ASL Instructor

"For the past several years, we have used Sign Language Interpreting Services Agency for our deaf patients. They continuously have the highest standards in response time, accuracy, and confidentiality. We have used other Sign Language agencies and found SLISA to be top-notch."
Marbella Sala, Director of Medical Interpreting
at University of California Medical Center - Sacramento

"Sign Language Interpreting Services has been a contractor with the State of California, California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS) since June of 1996. Since that time, I have found this agency to be dependable, responsive and extremely professional in providing sign language interpreting services to deaf and hearing employees, members and visitors. The integrity with which Roseanne deVlaming conducts her business is beyond reproach and I appreciate her services tremendously. I highly recommend this agency for, not only interpreting services, but consultation services and sensitivity awareness training as well."
Wanda Dryden, CSC, SC:L prov.
CalPERS Interpreting Services Coordinator

"It has always been a pleasure to have SLISA provide interpreters for my appointments and staff meetings. I really appreciate and cherish all their hard work and effort.
I always value the quallity and skills of interpreters who work for Roseanne de Vlaming. The interpreters are professional and respectful of Deaf Culture.
Thank you so much for being such an excellent business providing services for the Deaf!"
Karen Benson, State employee and Deaf consumer.


  • 24 hr ER/Mental Health Response Service Greater Sacramento Area only: (916) 483-4751
  • Video Remote Interpreting. (VRI)
  • CART and Real Time Captioning.
  • Oral Interpreting.
  • Deaf/Blind Tactile Interpreting.

Why WIS?

  • We are experienced.
  • We are accessible. Our office is staffed Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. All emails and phone calls are answered promptly.
  • We have an amazing staff and highly qualified interpreters.
  • Our guarantee is excellent customer service with reasonable rates.
  • NPA certified by the California Dept. of Education for educational interpreting.

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